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Read the Enormous Turnip (PowerPoint slides) and rehearse a simplified story, creating actions. Remember to include language and actions for phrases such as ‘Once upon a time,’ ‘One day.’ Retell story using own story actions. Create your own version of the Enormous Turnip but change the vegetable that is pulled out of the grounds e.g. sunset orange, scrumptious carrot. Or straw yellow, sweet and crunchy potato.




Describe the Old man from the story and describe his appearance / personality using a range of adjectives and noun phrases e.g. The kind, gentle man wore a smart, red waistcoat. His shiny spectacles and silvery, grey hair stood out above his peaceful garden.




Plan out own version of the Enormous Turnip using a story map. E.g. ‘The huge, sour onion’ or ‘The creamy, crunchy cauliflower.’ Record key events from the story on your story map. Use key language too. Ensure you use repetitive language to make the story exciting. See ‘Story Map example’ by Mr Webb.



Use the story of the enormous turnip to help you write your own version - use your story map to help you with your writing. Write own story using Capital Letters, finger spaces, full stops, adjectives and conjunctions.




Handwriting practice. Remember to sit on your chair properly and hold your pen/pencil correctly. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQ6uS8blwY

Practice the ‘lead-ins’ You’ll need those in Year 3! Good luck!


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