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Ow, oa o-e

Point to the correct digraph in the word


English: To listen to a poem - 'Year Groups' (Oak National Academy)

Can you remember what a poem is?

Practise reciting the poem.

What did the child master in Year 2?

What did the child learn in Year 3?




Ow, oa o-e

Read the words from the video, spotting the digraphs

Recap some previously taught sounds – read the words


English: To identify rhyming words

(Oak National Academy)

Identify rhyming words for the words: three, five, one, two, four and six.


Challenge: Write your own rhyming words for:

One, two, four and six.




Ow, oa o-e

Spot the digraphs in the words

Recap some previously taught sounds – read the sentence and spot the digraphs already taught.


English: To plan a poem

(Oak National Academy)

  • Fold a piece of paper as shown into 12 parts.
  • Write numbers 1-6 down the left-hand column.
  • Write and draw a picture of something that rhymes with numbers 1-6 as Miss Browne demonstrates in the video.
  • Pause the video if required.

Now try and tell yourself your poem.




Ow, oa o-e

Spot the different sounds in the sentences. Read the sentences.


English: To identify syllables

(Oak National Academy) 

What is a syllable?

How many syllables are there in the words: cat, over, banana and information?

How many syllables are in the sentences:

  • The cat is black?
  • My bottle is blue?
  • I learnt how to just be me?
  • I learnt how to swim and dive?




Ow, oa o-e

Spelling Quiz


English: To write a poem

(Oak National Academy)

You will need your poem plan with the 12 parts to help you.

  • Write the title: Year Groups (at the top)
  • Watch Miss Browne write her poem.
  • Pause the video and write the same sections for your poem.
  • Each line of your poem must have only 6 syllables!

Check & edit your poem for:

Capital letters


Rhyming words

Full stops



We are really looking forward to seeing you all again today in school! We have got some exciting things to give to you before the summer holidays including;

  • Reports
  • Your books
  • Summer of Fun packs
  • Home learning activities and resources


We will see you all soon! :)

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