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Monday 08.06.2020

Complete Conjunctions sheet (and, but, if, or, when, because)

· Complete the sentence using the correct conjunction

· Write your own sentences using conjunctions



Tuesday 09.06.2020


Complete Irregular Past Tense sheet (e.g  say -> said) 

· Use the irregular past tense to write sentences


Irregular Past Tense

Wednesday 10.06.2020


Complete ‘Ful’ suffix sheet

· Fill in the ‘ful’ ending to the words

· Use the ‘ful’ suffix to write sentences


Suffix -ful

Thursday 11.06.2020


Complete apostrophes for possession sheet (e.g. Sam’s car, the horse’s tail)

· Finish the table adding the apostrophes for possession

· Write sentences using an apostrophe for possession


Apostrophes for possession

Friday 12.06.2020


Complete Contracted Form sheet (it’s, can’t, don’t, she’ll etc)

· Complete the table

· Write your own sentences using the      contracted form


Contracted forms

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