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Week 7 22.2.2021

Welcome back Year Two, we hope you had a relaxing half term. We can't wait to see what wonderful and exciting activities you have this week.

Which level of challenge is right for you?

To support home learning the school have introduced the following guidance. Tasks are differentiated for different abilities, please choose tasks that are suitable for your child.


Small Step...
These activities are for when your child is finding it difficult to understand the learning and may need to spend some time revisiting or consolidating activities from earlier in the year. 


Have a go at.. 

These activities are set to age related expectations. This is what most children would be doing in school. This will often be your child's starting point.


I could even challenge myself...

These activities are to help your child strengthen their learning by asking them to apply the skill or knowledge taught in different ways or to add more detail.

Collins Reading Books

Please give this a try, it has lots of online books to read at home.
Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk
Password: Parents!21

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