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Recap - Number pairs that make 10, 20 or 100


You might want to play a game to learn like Mr Rogers in the video. Listening to songs and repeating rhymes also will help you to remember number bonds,


Knowing number bonds is a key skill skill in Year One, it really strengthens your ability perform quick calculations and spot patterns with numbers.

The Number Bonds to Ten Song

There are lots of number bonds to 10 and 20 videos on YouTube. This is Mr Rogers favourite song.

Number Bonds Maths Game

A quick video to show a game to play at home.


Digraphs and Trigraphs quick look

a e sound


Owl Babies Middle

You can now write the middle and the end. Don't forget to describe the forest using adjectives.

Which level of challenge is right for you?


'Small Step' Your child can tell you the story and write down some simple sentences with support.


'I can' Your child can plan the sentence they want to write using adjectives. They can say the sentence and use sound mats and word mats to help them write their sentences. The should write 3-6 sentences.


'I could even challenge myself' Your child can do everything in the 'I can' and is using a wide range of adjectives to make the writing exciting for the reader. They re-read their writing and with support make improvements.

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