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Kevin Morgan


Introducing to you our resident musician Mr Kevin Morgan. Kevin plays principle trombone for the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. He has taken time away from his busy schedule to create some wonderful material for us to use. He has written two songs specifically for year one to use in their 'Castle, Knights and Dragons' topic. Please take the time to listen to and enjoy these wonderful videos. 

Introduction to the trombone for Twin Sails Infant School Key Stage 1

This is an introductory video to the trombone. How it is made, how it works and how it is played. The interrelated dimensions of music pulse, pitch and timbre from the National Curriculum are also introduced with examples as well as the concepts of loud/soft and fast/slow.

The Old Castle

A song for children about the imaginary characters inhabiting an old castle. Ideal for school topics about Knights and Queens.

The Dragon

A song for children about a dragon. Great for use in school with topics about castles and kings.


Written and performed by Kevin Morgan "Bubbles" is a bittersweet instrumental track featuring trombone, with trombone and rhythm section backing. Using the descending bass line as heard in "My Funny Valentine" the trombone plays a vocal like melody throughout.

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