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Our Curriculum Vision & Values



At Twin Sails Infant School & Nursery, we offer a curriculum which is broad & balanced and which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils.

Each year group strives to provide component learning experiences which are memorable, purposeful, with clear outcomes that embeds knowledge into the working memory.

Our curriculum focuses on developing motivated, committed learners and well-rounded individuals: 'Learners for Life'. We call our Topic-based approach 'Learning to Learn'.

Our ethos at Twin Sails Infant School & Nursery is:
Every Child, Every Day, Every Possibility.

Within the context of the Curriculum, this means:
Every Child is an individual with a unique potential for learning. We are supporting each individual to become a confident, independent learner, with unique skills, talents and interests. Our curriculum is designed to be flexible, to meet the needs of all pupils and engage and motivate each individual.

Every Day should provide learning experiences which the children enjoy and which challenge them as learners; this will lead to high levels of engagement and well embedded knowledge.

Every Possibility should be provided for pupils to aspire to a bright future, where they can use the knowledge and the lifelong learning skills they have gained to achieve their potential.


Global Citizens:

A global citizen respects the rights of others and is proactive in helping to make the world a better place to live in.

We actively promote British values within our topics, through developing tolerance and respect for all individuals, faiths and beliefs. We regularly provide opportunities to promote democracy and responsibility




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