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As part of our World Book Day celebrations we have created some new Twin Sails Tales for the children to enjoy. This time, we have chosen to show how we enjoy reading different types of texts for pleasure, so it could be a story book, a non-fiction text, a poem, some instructions, a card or maybe even a recipe! We would love to help our children foster a love of reading, so please encourage your children to sit back, relax and enjoy the different videos.

Twin Sails Tale - Mr Hurst - The Detective Dog

Twin Sails Tales - Miss Beckett - Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Twin Sails Tales - Mr Webb - Ravi's Roar

Twin Sails Tale - Miss Patrycja - Poem Miracles and Wonder in English and Polish

Twin Sails Tale - Mrs Giles - Reading instructions to make a paper aeroplane

Twin Sails Tale - Miss Miles - Diary of a Wombat

Twin Sails Tale - Mrs Champion - Sir Tom Moore

Twin Sails Tale - Mrs Hambidge - The Lion Who Wanted To Love

Twin Sails Tales - Mrs Gardner & Belle - Making Knobbly Knees

Twin Sails Tale - On the Ning Nang Nong - Read by Miss Childs

Twin Sails Tale - Kind Story- Read by Mrs Jennings

Twin Sails Tale - Mrs O'Connor - Reading a card

Twin Sails Tales: Miss Badger reads The Smeds and The Smoos

Twin Sails Tale - Learning Spanish from the AFC Bournemouth 2021 Annual - Read by Mr Rogers

Miss Atwill - Sharing a Shell

Miss Sanderson - Amazing Animal Hide & Seek

Mr Hurst's Story

Miss Beckett's story

Mrs Maric's Story 2

Mr Webb's Story

Miss Miles' Story

Miss Childs Story : Keith the Cat with the Magic Hat

Miss Sanderson's Story

Mrs O'Connor's Story

Mrs Hambidge's Story

Miss Luther's Story

Mrs Gardner's Story

Mrs Jennings's Story

Miss Badger's Story

Mr Roger's Story - Spider Sandwiches

Miss Atwill's Story - The Dirty Great Dinosaur

Mrs Maric's Story - Superworm

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