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Tuesday - VIPERS (Explain)

Watch the video below to find out today's VIPERS activity.

Listen to the story of 'The Colour Monster' once more. 

The Colour Monster - Mrs Jennings

The Colour Monster thinks that the colour yellow means happiness.

Explain what has made the Colour Monster feel happy?

Now draw all the things that make you happy.

I wonder if you can write all the things that make you happy in your own sentences? Remember to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


Tuesday -ness suffix

Watch the video below to learn how and why we add the suffix -ness to certain root words.

The picture below explains the meaning of the -ness suffix with some example adjectives.

Spelling & Handwriting 

Practice writing the word of the day in your neatest handwriting:







Write today's word of the day in today's sentence. Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop and your best handwriting.


I wonder if you can use your neatest handwriting to write your own sentence using the word of the day.


Tuesday - Making notes

Watch the video below to discover how to write facts about Mary Anning.


Weighing warm-up

Maths & Learning to Learn

Making Dinosaur Fossil Biscuits

Mrs. Jenning's fossil biscuits (as promised)

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