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The Girl and the Dinosaur

Listen to the story

After listening to the story again answer the questions below.


Phonics- We are looking at 'dge' words that makes the j sound. Can you think of any more 'dge' words?

Spelling & Handwriting 

Spelling- Write your spellings in your best handwriting remembering to form the curly letters correctly


First look at the pictures below from our story 'The Girl and the Dinosaur' and use your sequencing skills to put them into the correct order. Which picture appears first and last? etc. 


Next you could write your own sentences using some adverbials of time such as; First, next, then, after that and finally. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.


I wonder if you can add further detail to your sentences by including conjunctions such as; because, when, but etc. 


Mental warm-up:


Daily 10

level 2 - up to 100 - 10 more


Click the link below to the Top Marks Website.


Then search for Daily 10.


Click Play Game


Finally select Level 2, up to 100 - 10 more

Using your home-made clock, write down the times on the clock-faces on the sheet below e.g. quarter past 4.


Instead, you could ask someone you live with to tell you a time so you can make it on your own home-made clock.

Telling the time questions

Next, can you make the following times in under

1 minute (60 seconds?)


11 o'clock

half-past 3

quarter-to 7

9 o'clock

quarter-past 10


Ask someone to time you. Mrs Hambidge managed it in

54 seconds. Can you beat her time?

I wonder if you can make all the times for our normal school day:

School start time









Learning to Learn

Home time

Learning to Learn
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