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The Colour Monster

Create your own poster to remind you of all the things you could do to help you relax and feel calm.

Thursday - VIPERS

Watch the video below to find out today's VIPERS activity.


Thursday -ly suffix

Watch the video below to learn how and why we add the -ly suffix to adjectives.

The picture below explains the meaning of the -ly suffix with some example adjectives.

Spelling & Handwriting

Practice writing the word of the day in your neatest handwriting:







Write today's word of the day in today's sentence. Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop and your best handwriting.


I wonder if you can use your neatest handwriting to write your own sentence using the word of the day.


Imperative verbs

Imperative verbs


Thursday - Capacity

Watch the video below to learn how to estimate the capacities of different containers.

Learning to Learn- PSHE

The Colour Monster Song

Listen to the song.
How are you feeling today? Draw your own colour monster, showing how you are feeling.


Science | KS1 | The food chain | BBC Teach

Listen to the video to learn about food chains then have a go at making your own food chain.

Dinosaur Food chain



Physical Education is vitally important - try to aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day to keep your bodies healthy. You could go for a walk, a jog or a cycle. Maybe you even have a scooter? 

If you choose to go outside, please stay within your local area and keep your distance from others.


Check the PE pages on the school website by following the link below.

  • Twin Sails Infant School and Nursery,
  • Blandford Road, Hamworthy,
  • Poole, Dorset, BH15 4AX
  • Telephone: 01202 672 377
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