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Read the story of the cautious caterpillar

Meet the characters

Composing Music To Tell A Story


Using an instrument you have at home or maybe one you have created. Can you create different sounds for each of the different characters?


Think about how the character moves.

Do they move quickly or slowly? 
Do they fly, crawl, hop possibly even scuttle? Maybe there is a different way they move. 
What sort of sound will you create to represent these different movements? 

Think about what pitch you would like to play your sound pattern.

Would you use a high pitch or a lower pitch? 

Think about the tempo of your character.

Would you use a fast tempo or a slower tempo? 

Think about the dynamics you will use for your character’s sound.

Would you use a soft dynamic or a loud dynamic?

Mrs Meldrum has started to think of the different instruments and sounds she has found at home to musically describe how each of the minibeasts move.


Would you choose the same as Mrs Meldrum or can you come up with your own creative musical sounds? 

Click the link below to download your own creative sound sheet.


Why not take a look at the graphic score activity on the music page. 

Create a unique sound for your chosen character from this story and record it as a graphic score. Would you use your body percussion sounds or perhaps use some homemade instruments?

Remember you can always use squiggles, spirals, stars or your own made up shapes to represent the different sounds.


Please remember to email your class teacher with a photo of your graphic score, I'd love to see some of these.


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