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Q: What is the difference between hearing and listening?

A: Hearing is passive, whilst listening is active.


Listening is a hugely rewarding experience. It can provide opportunities for reflection, motivation as well as calming down. Most importantly listening skills are an effective part of communication. 

We will be setting up a regular listening activity, this can be done once a day over breakfast or even whilst you're preparing dinner.

A good place to start is to ask yourself, what is your favourite piece of music and why? What music does your child like and why?

Does it remind them of someone special, or does that piece of music make them want to dance? Perhaps it helps them feel calm or safe. 

These questions can be used to stimulate active listening. These can also be used to appraise any music you choose to listen to.

All of these songs and music can be found on the YT kids app. Enjoy listening, talking and sharing your thoughts about music with your child.

Take a listen to the different sounds over on 'espresso', talk to your grown up about which you like or don't like. Remember to explain clearly why you feel that way about each of the sounds. Why not use the talking questions above to help you discuss each of the sounds?

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Read the clues and guess the instrument they are describing.

What do you know about instruments and their sounds?

Still image for this video
In this video there are two key parts. The first is where your child will see and hear the instrument. Pause the video so they can guess the name of each instrument. In the second part I will hide two instruments BUT only play one, can your child identify the instrument just by hearing it?

Why not try the musical sound quiz on 'espresso'

login: student10858

password: hamworthy

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