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At Twin Sails we spark our children’s natural curiosity and understanding of the world around them through our exciting science curriculum. We inspire our children to be ‘mini scientists’ by helping them to develop a tool kit of science detective skills that can be used to ask and answer questions about the natural world.


Year 2

In Year 2, the children have been working hard to develop their understanding of life cycles. They have been exploring the different stages of an insect’s life and the key scientific vocabulary to describe each stage. They have also shown their resourceful natures by presenting them in these creative ways:

Year 1

In Year 1, the children have been wild flower hunters in the garden. As well as learning the different names of wild flowers and how to identify them, they have been learning all about the different parts of the flowers and the functions of these parts. They have created their own flowers to show their great understanding of this. Take a peek!



In Reception, we have been learning how important it is to care for the environment and what we can do to keep the Earth healthy.



In our Nursery, we promote children’s natural curiosity through the magic of awe and wonder. We encourage the children to use their senses to find out about the world around them.


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