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Welcome to Reception

Summer Term

We are very excited this term to be learning all about Planet Earth.


As part of our introduction to our new topic, Planet Earth, we had Neil from the Science Zone come and visit us. Neil showed us a huge selection of Dinosaur models and fossils. He even had a Dinosaur tooth which was so cool!

Neil set up a big inflatable dome in our studio, which we were very excited to go into! Inside the dome we watched videos and learnt so much information from projections of Dinosaurs and fossils. It was a very exciting morning and the children (and adults) absolutely loved it!


Who’s Who

Introducing our Reception Teachers...


Miss Atwill (Year Leader) - Jellyfish

Miss Miles - Turtles

Mr Hurst - Seahorses

Miss Sanderson - Lobsters 


Our fabulous Teaching Assistants...


Mrs Thompson - Jellyfish

Mrs Champion - Turtles

Miss Shepherd - Seahorses

Mrs Patrycja- Lobsters

Week beginning 16.11.2020

This week we are learning about birthday celebrations. Our focus story will be ‘The Toys’ Party’. During planning board children will have the opportunity to recreate Kipper’s cake using his recipe of baked beans, tomato sauce, cornflakes, milk, jam and sugar! We will also learn to write our own recipes, writing down any initial sounds and as many sounds as we can hear. We will also have opportunities to make birthday cards, invitations and bunting. 

Our focus in: 

Number Fun is: numbers 3 and 4

Phonics: recap of all phase 2 phonics and tricky words 

Mr Hurst practising his writing...

Could you have a go at Mr Hurst’s challenge?

Autumn 2 - Topic Overview

September - Our First Weeks in Reception


The children have settled in beautifully and it is fantastic to see them coming into school so confidently!

We thought you might like to know a little more about what we will be learning about in the next couple of weeks, so here goes...


We will be starting the year with our topic 'Let Me Tell You A Story'. This is a whole school topic encouraging children to share their experiences and stories from the past few months.


We will share stories and begin to focus on our own experiences of changes by reading Charlie and Lola's 'I Am Too Absolutely Small For School!' by Lauren Child.



The Star, Sun, Rainbow and Cloud


This is the behaviour system we use within our classrooms. At the start of the day we all start on the Star. If a child breaks the ‘Superstar’ rules of good behaviour, after an initial warning, they may move their name peg to the cloud. Once the poor behaviour is corrected, they can be moved back to the star. Children should be given the opportunity to move back within a short period of time, and should not stay on the cloud all day. In Reception, there will also be a sunshine, placed above the star, to give more opportunity for pupils to learn simple behaviour expectations. Any excellent behaviour can be rewarded by moving a child to the Rainbow. Children on the Rainbow will receive 2 reward/ Ladderpoints and a ‘Rainbow’ sticker to wear. We aim to resolve any behaviour problems through positive modelling, reinforcement of positive behaviour and a culture of praise and encouragement. 

Autumn 1 - Topic Overview

PE Days


Please could we ask that all children bring their book bags in each day and that all children have a clearly named PE kit in school.


Our PE days are as follows...


Monday: Lobsters & Seahorses

Tuesday: All Reception classes

Wednesday: Turtles & Jellyfish


Please do not worry about trainers at the moment!

All jewellery must be removed on these days.

Thank you.

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