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Monday 15.6.2020


Listen carefully to Mrs Maric’s Story 2: 'The Crunching, Munching Caterpillar.'


Tuesday 16.02.2020



Discover the meanings of the words: busily, guess, breeze, dim, wrapped, gracefully, soaring, stiff

Make actions for each word.



Wednesday 17.6.2020



What was the first thing the caterpillar ate?

What animals woke up the caterpillar?

Why couldn’t the caterpillar fly?

What did the caterpillar dream about?

How are the caterpillars wings described?


Thursday 18.6.2020



Put the text in the correct order it appears in the story:

‘I’m flying! I’m really flying!’

Caterpillar was always hungry.

Sparrow landed beside him.

Bumblebee flew off to the next bush.

Butterfly smiled a secret, knowing smile.


Friday 19.6.2020



Now that the Caterpillar has morphed into a  butterfly, use your imagination to create butterfly’s next adventure. Where might he/she go? Who might they meet along the way?

Draw a picture to go alongside your prediction.

We would love to see what you have conjured up!


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