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Tyrannosaurus Drip

Monday - Vocabulary

Listen to Mrs Jennings reading 'Tyrannosaurus Drip' by Julia Donaldson and then find the meanings of the words:
roamed, invented, grizzly, guzzled, hooted.

Tuesday - Inference

Recap the story of 'Tyrannosaurs Drip' and then listen to Mrs Hambidge's video about writing a diary entry and write how he felt during different parts of the story.

Wednesday - Sequencing

Watch Mr Webb explain the sequencing task which will help you to order the events of the story from Tyrannosaurus Drip. Number the events e.g. 1 is first and 5 is last.

Wednesday - Sequencing answers

Please see the video below for the answers to the sequencing task today.

Thursday - Retrieval

Watch Miss Beckett's video below about the skill retrieval. Answer questions about the story 'Tyrannosaurs Drip.' Feel free to listen to the story again to help you.

Thursday - Retrieval answers

Here are the answers to Miss Beckett's retrieval task. Here you can check how well you have done.

Friday - Prediction

Now that you know the story well, focus on the last page of the story. Can you make a prediction about what adventures could happen next?

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