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'The Friendly Witch' by Rachel Elliot

The Friendly Witch



Watch Miss Beckett read ‘The Friendly Witch’ written by Rachel Elliot.





Discuss and find the meanings of these words:

Visitors, grant, disgrace, snoring, comfort


Can you make your own actions for each word to help you remember them?





There were lots of characters in the story that Miss Beckett chose. Can you write them down in the order they appeared in the story ‘The Friendly Witch.’



Retrieval – answer these questions using the text/story to help you:

Where was it very quiet?

Whose birthday was it?

Who came into the Witches’ house holding hands?

What did the third little pig say to the witch?

Who was teaching The Big Bad Wolf how to pirouette?



Create a party invitation for your next birthday.


What characters would you invite to come along and share

some fun with you?

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