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Someone swallowed Stanley by Sarah Roberts



Watch the video to familiarise yourself with the story by Sarah Roberts.


Why not make your own story map as you listen?




Vocabulary—swept, tentacles, barnacles, spluttered, bobbed, rose, scruffy, skimmed, soared.


Discover the meanings of the words above and make your own actions for them.


Somebody Swallowed Stanley - VIPERS Activities



Explain—Why did several sea creatures attempt to swallow Stanley?


Use evidence from the text to help you with your answer.




Sequence—Put these events from the story in the correct order that they happened:


  • More creatures flew over
  • A whale had swallowed Stanley
  • Then started to choke, too
  • Stanley swept into the ocean
  • Poor old Stanley was ripped up



Retrieval—use the text to answer these questions:


  • How did Stanley sweep into the ocean?
  • How did the jellyfish know Stanley wasn't one of them?
  • Why did the whale stop singing?
  • How did Stanley look after the seagulls had tried to eat him?
  • How is the turtle described in the story?


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