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Beware of the Bears - Read by Miss Sanderson

Beware of the Bears



Watch Miss Sanderson’s story – Beware of the Bears. Do you notice anything different about the three bears?




Find out the meanings of the words in Miss Sanderson’s story:

Ordered, sped, panted, guests, several, tangoed,


Try making your own actions for each of these words.



Retrieval - Use the text in the story to help you to answer these questions:

Where does Goldilocks live?

What did Baby Bear say was unlocked?

Where did a Puffo-Pop hit Daddy Bear?

What did the three Bears fall through?

Where did the bears jump out from?

Who did the house belong to?




Put the following events from the story into the correct order:


Baby Bear turned on the radio.


Cereal was flying left and right.


The wolf came home.


Baby Bear jumped on his scooter.


Baby Bear had a bubble bath.





Why was Daddy Bear cross at the beginning of the story?


Give three reasons.

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