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Introduction to Religious Education :


At Twin Sails Infant School, we follow the SACRE syllabus. It is Bournemouth and Poole locally agreed syllabus for religious education. SACRE support teachers to deliver quality RE  that engages children in relevant questioning and exploration of their own and others' beliefs.

We recognise that the personal development of children spirituality, morally, socially & culturally is crucial for them and for society as a whole.


We provide opportunities to explore values, religious & personal  beliefs and the way they impact on peoples lives. This develops critical thinking, knowledge, understanding & empathy with others.


We support the philosophy that children are free to make their own choices and decisions regarding religion and belief. We therefore explore a range of religions and beliefs. 

We also use the Discovery Scheme of work to support our teaching.

Hinduism - Diwali Year 1


During our Diwali celebration the children experienced lots of exciting activities.

They had fun making rangoli patterns, learning a Diwali dance, making and eating sweet bread, retelling the story of Rama and Sita through role play and puppets.


They also designed and made a 'Diva lamp':




Learning about Islam - Year 2


The children explored the question whether praying at regular intervals helps a Muslim in everyday life.

The children considered their experiences of weekly activities like clubs and compared it to a Muslim's commitment.



Christianity - Year 2


The children learned different parables and had fun using props to retell the story of man who couldn't walk.


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