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Returning to school

Returning to school lesson- Exploring feelings and supporting self-worth

Returning to School

COVID-19 Stay Home Superhero

By staying home, you have been a super hero

Think about the qualities of Super Heroes. Brainstorm ideas together e.g They are strong, resilient, determined etc


Draw a picture of yourself being a super hero then write your special qualities around your super hero e.g brave
Lesson 2 - Returning to school
Teacher to share own feelings with the children to encourage others to contribute to discussion. Ask children to draw a pebble on a whiteboard that represents their feelings today.

Poster Discussion

Pebble meditation

Lubna and Pebble

We are going to create a pebble friend like Lubna to keep on our desk in school.

Pet Pebble- Here are some examples of a pebble pet.

Here are some of the things the Julia Donaldson characters have been doing during lockdown

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