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Lesson 1 - Self-care

  • I know what self-care is
  • I can recognise my thoughts and feelings


What is Self-care?


Self-care is looking after our mental and physical health, noticing our feelings and choosing ways to care for ourselves.

stormbreak LIVE - self-care - 'bus stop meditation'

Jump on the bus with positive thoughts and let negative thoughts go by - join Heidi in this self-care activity.

Let's hold on to our happy thoughts and draw them in the balloons. These could be memories of a birthday party, riding a bike for the first time etc
Lesson 2

Lesson 1 - Self-care


  • I can recognise my own thoughts and feelings
  • I can recognise how others might be feeling.


Listen to the story about Kevin the Koala. 

Discuss how Kevin the Koala feels at different points in the story.

Discuss that changes are sometimes difficult like coming back to school after a period in lockdown. 

The Koala Who Could

The Koala Who Could Story


We would like you to this of a time when you were brave and tried something new.

Brainstorm ideas together. 

We would like you to draw and label a time when you tried something new and like Kevin became the Koala who could. Have a think of something you would like to try in the future when we get the opportunity.



How Big is Your Brave by Ruth Soukup, illustrated by Alison Friend

How do you teach a child to dream big and shoot for the stars? In this inspiring story, a young bunny named Zippy dreams of traveling to space.

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