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Here are a series of lessons to help improve children's well-being. Today we are looking at 'Resilience'.
Resilience Lesson

What does being resilient mean?

Resilience is about developing inner strength and courage and growing our ability to keep trying and 'bounce back' from difficult situations.

Demonstrating Resilience- Piper the little bird - Disney Pixar Animation

Watch this video clip and talk about what happens.
How would you describe the little bird?
How is the bird feeling at different points in the story
What is the little bird trying to do?
Does the bird succeed immediately?
What happens at the end of the story?
What can we learn from the little bird?

Next, we are going to have a go at being resilient in our 'Stormbreak' activity

Stormbreak resilience - 'classroom cross country'


Do you remember a time when you have been resilient?

Draw a picture of when you were resilient and write a sentence about it. If you feel confident you may also like to share your experience with a friend or even with the class.

Put this picture in a special place in your book so it can remind you to be resilient when things get difficult.

Lesson 2- Resilient

Beautiful Oops! Listen to the song about making mistakes and being resilient

It's OK to make a mistake. A mistake is an adventure in creativity...
Be resilient and turn your mistakes into something magical.

The Squiggle Game

Draw a squiggle then be resilient and turn your squiggle into something beautiful.

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