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Whilst in Year Two, the children are introduced to tuned instruments, they will be given the opportunity to learn the how to play notes 'B', 'A' and 'G' on the descant recorder.
The children are introduced to the basics, such as how to hold the recorder with their left hand. To help them remember the children are invited to wear a small bracelet or band on their left wrist and they will be introduced to the phrase:

Remember the Hand with the Band

This has shown to be quite effective to help the children remember to hold their recorder in their left hand.
The children will then practice the best method to make a soft sound on the recorder. We all know it can sound “quite screechy” if played incorrectly. The children are introduced to using a gentle blowing technique using the soft sound “tuu”.

“ tuu”  “tuu”  “tuu”  “tuu”  “tuu” 

Remembering not to say it into the recorder but just using a soft whisper sound.



* All recorders are cleaned and sterilised at the end of each session. Children do not share the recorders during a session. 

Have a little practice of these great tutorial videos by 'Visual Musical Minds' they are a great way to practice 'B', 'A' and 'G'.

Hot Cross Buns

Still image for this video

Gently Sleep

Still image for this video

Au Clair de la Lune

Still image for this video

Sailor, Sailor on the Sea

Still image for this video
If you would like to continue to practice the recorder further then please continue with the tutorials over at Visual Musical Minds YouTube Channel

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