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When there is more than one of something we change the ending. This is called a plural. Sometimes we add 's' to the end and sometimes we add 'es'. The way you can work this out is by listening carefully. Watch the Espresso clip to help you decide.



Yesterday we learnt that plural meant more than one. We are going to learn a different spelling rule today. When a word ends with a 'y' we change the 'y' to an 'i' and add 'es'. For example, try becomes tries. 

Can you change the words below?



Read the sentences and change the singular words into plurals. Remember the rules that we have learnt this week.



We would like you to learn the following 'tricky' words. They are pretty, beautiful, after, fast and last. Can you write these as many times as you can using all the colours of the rainbow. 



Can you remember how to spell the 'tricky' words that you learnt yesterday? Now can you write them in a sentence? For example, The beautiful butterfly flew around the garden. Remember your capital letters and full stops. 

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