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Tricky words 


In Year One children should be encouraged through fun activities to support their reading of all tricky words without hesitation. Tricky words are not decodable using phonics. Once children start to have an automatic sight recognition of these words, they will start to show their learning of the spelling within their independent written work.

All children should begin to consistently spell Phase 2,3, 4 and some phase 5 words in their written work by the end of Year One. 


This weeks challenges for tricky words 

1) Make your own tricky word flash cards and practice them every day - see how quickly you can recognise them. You could even test a family member!  


2) Make a Snakes and ladders board game. Use the Tricky words instead of numbers and play with someone else in your house hold. 

Tricky words - Phase 2

Tricky words - Phase 3

Tricky words Phase 4

Phase 5 - Tricky words



In Year One we continue to teach children to read through Phonics we follow a scheme called Letters and Sounds. 

Children have built upon their digraph knowledge from Reception and are now learning alternative digraph spellings. for example the digraph 'ai' can also be spelt 'ay' 


The children should know the following definitions 

A digraph is: two letters that make one sound 

A tri-graph is: three letters that make one sound 

A split digraph is: two letters are split up so the e sits on the end of the word e.gbake = a_e


Use the slide slow below to recap all the sounds. 

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