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To name and locate the seas bordering England.


Blackbeard and his pirate ship mates are off on another exciting adventure. They want to find treasure in England! To help the Pirates sail to England can you tell them which seas border England?

Look at maps, atlases or research this on the internet. When you have found the answers write them down so the Pirates know by completing the labels (fill in the boxes) on the map in the correct places!

Additional (optional) activity:

Create a picture of the sea. You can use any resources you like, pencils, pens, crayons, paints etc.



To name, locate and identify characteristics of England’s capital city.


The pirates have caught wind that the most treasure is in the capital city of England. They want you to make a picture postcard of England’s capital city with the following information:

  • The name of England’s capital city
  • Names of famous people that live there
  • Pictures of famous buildings and landmarks that can be found there

Additional (Optional) activity:

Make a famous Red Bus or Hackney Carriage (Black Cab) out of recyclable materials at home.



To name, locate and identify characteristics of England.


The Pirate’s enjoyed learning about England’s capital city and now want to explore England even more!

They decide to sail around the coast of England.

What other towns and cities will they find?


Label the map of England with the names of towns and cities.

Choose one coastal town or city and draw some famous buildings that can be found there e.g.

Bournemouth – Bournemouth Pier,

Brighton, Brighton Pavilion

Plymouth - Smeaton’s Tower

Portsmouth – Spinnaker Tower

Liverpool – Liver Building

Additional (optional) activity:

Design your own country surrounded by water (island). What would be your countries name? What would its capital be called? What famous things would it have there? What might the pirates be interested in?



To name, locate and identify characteristics of England.


The pirates want to sail down the English rivers to further conquer England.

What rivers might the pirates sail down? Make a list.


Can you name the three longest rivers in England?


Where are they? What towns and cities do they flow through?

Additional (optional) activity:

Visit the River Stour (near Wimborne) or the River Piddle (near Wareham). Take photos or create sketches of things you can see there including wildlife.

Where do rivers flow to? Did you see any pirates?



Play Pirate Bunnies World Adventures on BBC BiteSize:

Have a great weekend everyone!

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