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Damien Hirst - Mini-beast Art

Damien Hirst



When in your garden or out on a walk see if you can spot some mini-beasts and insects and draw them. Send us your pictures please, we'd love to see them!



Look at Damien Hirst’s Insect pictures (PowerPoint) - share your opinions of the pictures - what do you like/dislike/colour choices. 

Next, do an observational drawing of the mini-beasts in your garden or an area of grassland.



Choose a section of one of Damien Hirst’s pieces of art, perhaps your favourite one, and continue this pattern for your own mini-beast, bugs or insects to practise his style of artwork. Good luck everyone.



Create your own picture in the style of Damien Hirst using the mini-beasts that you have found and drawn. We would love to see your masterpieces! We hope you enjoy having a go.



Enjoy a walk, a bike ride or a jog with your family. What mini-beasts can you see flying around? Butterflies? Bees? Dragon-flies Enjoy a wonderful weekend. Well done everyone for another fantastic week!

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