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Pirates! Ahoy me hearties!




I can write some simple phrases


Blackbeard and his Pirate friends were not very good at speaking using proper English.


They would often say phrases like:

Ahoy, me hearties!

Aye Aye Captain.

Ahoy Matey!

Thar she blows!

Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!

Shiver me timbers!

Ship’s shipshape.


Think of some simple phrases to teach the Pirates how to talk properly and write them down as neatly for the pirates as you can.



I can make a wanted poster


Make a poster to Capture Blackbeard!


Features of a good poster:

Big text

Bright colours

Eye-catching pictures

Facts and information



See Mr Webb's example Poster for guidance.

Mr Webb's WANTED Poster



I can invent a Pirate toothpaste


Pirate’s often had terrible teeth in their terrible jaws (Whoops! Wrong story!) But no, it’s true! Pirate’s had awful teeth. Yuck! Urgh!


The Pirates need your help Year 1! Can you invent a special toothpaste for them to use to brush their teeth?


Think about the ingredients you would add to your toothpaste creation.

What flavours would you add?

What colour could it be?

What would your toothpaste be called?


Other Questions to consider:

Why do we need to look after our teeth?

What might happen if we don’t brush our teeth?

Could we eat food without any teeth?



I can design and make a cannon for a Pirate Ship


Design your own Pirate Cannon by drawing your idea on paper.


When you’re happy with your design attempt to make it! You could stick it together with tape or child-friendly glue.


Use recyclable/reusable material such as cardboard boxes (cereals), plastic pots (yogurts or butter) and plastic bottles (squash, fizzy drinks) to construct your cannon.


We would love to see them so please send us some pictures! Thank you.



I can draw a Parrot for a Pirate


We would love to see your pictures! Send them in to your classes’ email address.

Good luck everyone! J


Have a look at Mr Webb’s Parrot drawing too!

Mr Webb's parrot drawing

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