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Monday 15.6.2020


Discuss what a seed needs to grow.

What if it doesn't have one or more of these things? Will it still grow?

If you have a garden and seeds, try planting these. Now is a good time of year for growing!

What flowers/ plants /trees can you see on your walks or from your windows ? Are they evergreen, deciduous?


Tuesday 16.6.2020


Use your observation skills to draw something from your garden,

or trees, plants & flowers you can see from your window.

Use paints or watercolours to add colour and detail.


Wednesday 17.6.2020


Life cycle of a plant

See; ‘Bean Lifecycle’ PowerPoint.

Also watch video clip.

Then create your own life cycle of a plant either by drawing a diagram or making one in your garden out of sticks, twigs, leaves and a plant etc.


Life Cycle of a plant diagram

Thursday 18.6.2020


Create own version of Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ painting.

See the example picture. You may recognise it!

We would love to see your artwork Please email them in!


Sunflower by Van Gogh

Van Gogh 'Sunflowers'

Friday 19.6.2020


Enjoy a walk in the fresh air.

How many evergreen or deciduous trees can you spot?

Are there any flowers or plants growing?

What colours do you notice on the trees, shrubs and bushes?

Have a lovely relaxing weekend!


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