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Pirates! Ahoy me hearties!

To study a historical person from your own locality. 

Research Harry Paye.

Who was he?
What did he do?

Where did he go?

Who were his enemies?


How is ‘Paye Day’ Celebrated?

Additional Activity - Design your own Pirate Costume!

Design your own Pirate costume to celebrate Harry Paye. Think about what items of clothing you might wear (see example):







Sword or dagger. Maybe even a Parrot!

Pirate Costume example

Additional Activity - Make your own Pirate Hat
Blackbeard the Pirate

Who were Pirates?

Additional Activity - Treasure Map

Find the treasure and the other objects and items on the island. 

Additional Activity: Make a Pirate's Beard

Make your very own Pirate beard just like Blackbeard!

You could even walk to Poole Quay with your grown-ups and take some pictures with your Pirate Hat and beard! Land Ahoy!

To use your voice expressively and creatively to sing a song and chant.

Learn the song by watching the video. Can you spot the rhyming words?

Make your own actions to the song as you sing!

To identify the different parts of a  Pirate Ship.

Pirate Ships

Label the parts of a Pirate Ship with the correct names in the right places.

Label a Pirate Ship

Additional Activity

Compare and describe the different types of Pirate Ship. 


Write own sentences to describe the two different types of Pirate Ship e.g.


The Sloop is a fast Pirate Ship. It was quick and had six wavy sails.


The Square Rigger was very big and strong. It was slow and long. It has lots of powerful cannons.


The Square Rigger had more sails than The Sloop ships.

To design my own Pirate Flag.

Famous Pirate Flags

Questions to consider when looking at the Pirate Flag PowerPoint slides:


What pictures and objects can you see on the flags?

Skull & cross-bones, daggers, swords, pirates, The Jolly Roger!


What colours are on the flags?

Black, white and red.


Where might you see a Pirate Flag? 

Flying high on the mast of a Pirate’s ship.


What were the Pirate Flags used for?

To show other boats & vessels that there were Pirates onboard and to scare them!

Design your very own Pirate Flag using paper or card and materials and colours of your choice. We can't wait to see them! Good luck everyone! 

Additional (Optional) Activity

Focus on Blackbeard's Pirate Flag - How could it be improved?

Write or draw some suggestions to make it even better!

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