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The Girl and the Dinosaur

After listening to the story answer the questions below.


Phonics- wr words

Spellings & Handwriting 

Spellings - Write your spellings using rainbow colours


Looking at the image below, can you think of some adjectives or noun phrases to describe the picture from the story? e.g. colourful, shimmery fish or twinkling, dancing stars.


Can you write some descriptive sentences about the image below using your vocabulary choices? Remember to include capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! :)


I wonder if you can edit your descriptive sentences to make them even better! Have you used a range of interesting adjectives? Do they make complete sense?

Picture to describe from 'The Girl and the Dinosaur.'


Mental warm-up:


Daily 10

level 2 - ordering largest first - two digit numbers.


Click the link below to the Top Marks Website.


Then search for Daily 10.


Click Play Game


Finally select Level 2, ordering largest first - two digit numbers.

Main activities:


After your mental warm-up, click the 'Learn to tell the time' PowerPoint below to learn how to tell the time.

Learn how to tell the time

Now make yourself a home-made clock. See Mr Webb's home-made clock below.

You will need:



something circular



Mr Webb's home-made clock

Next, make these time on you home-made clock:

1 o'clock

4 o'clock

6 o'clock

9 o'clock

11 o'clock

12 o'clock

I wonder if you can make other times on your clock e.g.

half-past 8, half-past 2 or half-past 11?

Learning to Learn

Design and make a dinosaur trap.



Physical Education is vitally important - try to aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day to keep your bodies healthy. You could go for a walk, a jog or a cycle. Maybe you even have a scooter? 

If you choose to go outside, please stay within your local area and keep your distance from others.


Check the PE pages on the school website by following the link below.

  • Twin Sails Infant School and Nursery,
  • Blandford Road, Hamworthy,
  • Poole, Dorset, BH15 4AX
  • Telephone: 01202 672 377
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