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Good morning


We are looking at V for vocabulary today. Listen to the story George and the Dragon and  listen out for the following words valley, monstrous, mighty and  blast.

George and the Dragon

Vipers Monday

Phonics and Grammar

Today we are learning about statement sentences. These are the sentences we see most often and express a fact, idea or an opinion. Can you write one statement sentence that describes the animals below? For example, 'The giraffe has a long neck' or 'The elephant has long tusks made of ivory'. 



Spelling and Handwriting

Practice writing the word of the day in your neatest handwriting several times:








Write today's sentence containing the word 'could'.

'We could get a pet fish.'


I wonder if you can use your neatest handwriting to write your own sentence using the word of the day.


You could practice this weeks spellings in your fanciest writing. Why not use some curls or swirls or even dotted writing.



Questions about Africa



Division - sharing

Learning to Learn

We are going to take an exciting journey to Arusha! Please make sure you have packed a tasty treat and drink for your flight. 

Check-in at Twin Sails Airport

In Flight Safety Announcement

Amazing Take Off Boeing 737

Ensure your seatbelt is on and seat is in an upright position. All ready for take off!

Enjoy the in-flight entertainment. Today's film is Tinga Tinga Tales. 

Amazing landing Boeing737

Trays into an upright position. Seat belts on and all ready for landing.

We hoped you enjoyed your flight! Let's take a look at some of the fabulous activities we have planned for all this week's afternoon sessions.

Virtual Safari - Africa

In this video we do a virtual safari (virtual game drive) through the African bush. We will show you Africa's unique game, great landscapes, teach you a few ...

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