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Warm-up: Greater Than, Less Than PowerPoint

Greater than, less than

Lesson One


To directly compare the capacities of two containers

(Oak National Academy)

Extension: Try the ‘How much does it hold?’ Questions.

How much does it hold?



Warm-up: Choose a number between 40 – 50. Write down one more & one less of this number. Calculate 10 more and 10 less too. Can you write a number sentence to make your number?

Lesson Two 


To indirectly compare the capacities by measuring in

non-standard units (Oak National Academy)

Extension: Complete the ‘Ordering Magic Potions’ challenge.




Warm-up: Addition Practise questions.

Counting On

Lesson Three


To compare different volumes (Oak National Academy)

Extension: Capacity worded problems



Warm-up: Subtraction practise questions.


Lesson Four


To apply understanding of halves and quarters to capacity.

Extension: Fractions of containers challenge.




Warm-up: Ultimate times tables challenge

Times table challenges

Lesson Four


To introduce a litre as a standard unit of measure.

Extension: Have a go at the ‘measuring volume’ questions.

Measuring volume and capacity



We are really looking forward to seeing you all again today in school! We have got some exciting things to give to you before the summer holidays including;

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We will see you all soon! :)

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