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Shape & Patterns



Counting in 3’s warm-up:

Counting in 3s

2D shapes: Complete shape & name matching activity then complete 2D shape properties task.


2D Shape Properties



Counting in 3’s warm-up

Head over to BBC Bitesize to recap 3D Shapes

Name the 3D Shape



Counting in 3’s warm-up:

Complete the multiplication word problems

Multiplication word problems

3D Shapes: Complete the properties of 3D shapes grid.

Properties of 3D Shapes



Odd numbers warm-up:

Complete Odd Socks activity

Odd Socks

Pattern with numbers:


Complete number patterns task—be careful of those missing numbers (and odd ones out!)


Number Patterns



Even numbers warm-up:

Time yourself how quickly you can recall all of the even numbers between 0 - 50.

Can you beat Mr Webb’s time of 23 seconds?


Pattern with shapes:

Complete the repeating shape patterns challenge.


Repeating shape patterns

Have a go at making your own shape pattern! We would love to see them!

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