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Maths Warm-ups this week

BBC Super Movers!!! Do the money jiggle!!!

Maths: Week Beginning 15.06.2020



Monday 15.6.2020

Lesson One (from Oak National Academy)

To identify the physical properties of coins

Additional (Optional) Challenge 


Count how many coins you have at home. How many gold, silver or copper ones do you have?

Tuesday 16.6.2020


Lesson Two

I can match coins to amounts.

Complete the activity below.

Matching coins with amounts

Additional (Optional) Challenge 

How many 1p coins?

Wednesday 17.6.2020

Lesson Three (from Oak National Academy)

To recognise the values of different coins

Additional (Optional) Challenge 

Comparing money

Thursday 18.6.2020

Lesson Four (from Oak National Academy)

To recognise the different values of coins and notes.


Additional (Optional) Challenge 

Values of notes

Friday 19.6.2020

Lesson Five (from Oak National Academy)

To compare different amounts of money 


Additional (Optional) Activity

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