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Monday (Week 1)

To compare numbers

Greater than < Less than > equal to =

Tuesday (Week 1)

Mr Webb's Shoe Tally Chart

Find shoes around your house and create a tally chart of the different kind of shoes that you discover e.g. high heels, boots, sandals, trainers, school shoes, slippers etc.

See Mr Webb’s Tally Chart example for support.


Wednesday (Week 1)

Data Presentation - Bar Graphs

Mr Webb's shoe size data (Tally chart)

Using Mr Webb’s data create a Bar Graph. You will need a ruler, pencil, coloured pencils/pens. Remember to include shoe sizes and number of people with that shoe size in the axis and a title for your Bar Graph.


Thursday (Week 1)

Position and Direction - Clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turns and half turns.

Mr Webb's Direction Video

Still image for this video
Practice making quarter turns and half turns in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
Friday (Week 1)

Describe Movement by answering the 10 questions on the Education Quizzes Website:


Please let us know your score out of 10. Good luck everyone! :) 

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