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At Twin Sails we encourage children to enquire and ask questions about the past. As part of our History learning the children develop a wide range of skills and techniques in order to explore events and people within living memory and beyond. 


Year 2

Year 2 investigated The Great Fire of London with such enthusiasm! We started off by investigating London now and in 1666 (that's when it happened!). We found out that there are many differences, particularly about the building materials and safety. Before we went any further we decided we needed to understand fire and what it requires to keep burning. We then used all of our knowledge gained to predict what would happen once a fire started. We even started our own fire in the playground (well the adults did that)!! We felt that all this new knowledge made us experts and we redesigned London to ensure a fire would not cause such a catastrophe ever again! 


It was interesting to learn about Samuel Pepys and how his diary was used for historical reference. We discovered so much! On the final day, something strange happened... we travelled back in time and witnessed the Great Fire of London for ourselves! We hope you enjoy reading our diary entries!

Year 1



At Twin Sails we are on a journey in developing our curriculum to ensure our children are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to be successful young historians. Our team are currently busy reevaluating our History curriculum ready for next year!

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