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Living in Hamworthy we are surrounded by plenty of opportunities to explore many different geographical features. At Twin Sails the children spend time visiting places such as Poole Quay, Hamworthy park, the beach, the local town and our school garden. This provides them with a rich, hands on experience when developing the skills in the Geography curriculum. How lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place!

Year 2


What a busy year we are having exploring the world around us! We have visited Poole Quay to identify Human and Physical features within our local area. Shortly after that we were so excited to fly to Africa and visit Arusha! We tried many different fruits, visited a local school, danced and practised making music using djembe drums. Once we landed back in Hamworthy it was back to work finding out more about Arusha. We discovered just how different it is from Poole, although we were excited to find there were some similarities too! We've explored the Arctic and Antarctica. We compared the climate there to our own and to that in Arusha. One of our favourite learning activities was to research animals that live in a hot climate and those who are designed to live in a cold climate.


We have loved becoming explorers and discovering fantastic facts about the wonderful world we live in!

Year 1

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