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Good Morning with Miss Badger

Together we will look at the days of the week, what day it is today and practise a Nursery Rhyme.

Friday Morning with Miss Badger

Five little monkeys

Friday's Phonics

Do you know what a syllable is? It's the beat in a word. For example: Caterpillar becomes cat/er/pill/ar 4 syllables! Can you help Miss Badger work out how many syllables are in the words on her cards?

Syllable Clap - Phase 1 Phonics: Phonological Awareness


We will look at a different number each day! I wonder what today's number could be?

Number-fun Friday 29th


Get Squiggling | Spider

Squiglet uses a straight line to draw a spider, Salma, who is determined to join in the big football game all her creepy crawly friends are playing in their ...

A Note for grown-ups at home:

The activities on the website are suggestions only. Children develop at different rates and will enjoy or excel in different activities at different times. Please don't feel disheartened if your child is struggling with something at home.

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