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Warm up - practice spelling the 'tricky' words that you see on the video below.

Choose 3 words from the list below and write each word in a sentence

Spellings & Handwriting

Now ask your adult to say the words aloud and see how many you can spell correctly. Good luck! Your spellings this week are - last, past, father, class and grass


Using your plan from yesterday write a diary entry imagining that you are Marianne.


See the example below to help you.


Then you could read your diary entry to check and edit your writing. Have you remembered to use adverbials of time? Adjectives and noun phrases? Past tense verbs?


I wonder if you can include extra details within your diary or change the events that happened along the way.


Here is a diary example to get you started.


Mental warm-up:


Daily 10

level 2 - subtraction - two-digit numbers


Click the link below to the Top Marks Website.


Then search for Daily 10.


Click Play Game


Finally select Level 2, subtraction - two-digit numbers.

Main activity:


Today we would like you to draw all the times for the following events in your day:

Get up in the morning

Eat your breakfast

Eat your lunch

Have your dinner

Go to bed

Feel free to add a special event that happens in your day!


You could even make the times on your own clock.

Draw the hands on the clock faces to show what time you do things throughout your day. Write on the line below each clock the activity or task you did.

Learning to Learn

How to Draw a T-Rex Dinosaur

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