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Good morning 



Today we would like you to compare two stories. We would like you to say what is similar and what is different about the stories 'The Lion Inside' and 'George and the Dragon'. For example, The stories are similar because both the main characters are afraid of mice. They are different because they have different settings. The Lion lives on a rock whereas the dragon lives in a cave. 


You may want to listen to 'The Lion Inside' again to refresh your memory. 

Phonics and Grammar

This week we have been learning about different sentence types. Today we would like you to read the sentences with your grown up and decide whether they are a statement, question, exclamation sentence or a command. Explain how you know this.

Sentence Type Quiz

Spelling and Handwriting 

Practice writing the word of the day in your neatest handwriting several times:








Write today's sentence containing the word 'whole'.

'Do you know the whole story?'


I wonder if you can use your neatest handwriting to write your own sentence using the word of the day.


When you are ready, press play on the video below and we will take you through this week's spelling quiz. Good luck everyone!


Spelling Quiz


Persuasive Poster



Learning to Learn 

We would like to thank you for working so hard this half-term. This afternoon you can choose an activity that makes you happy.

Hamworthy Primary Schools - Expressing Ourselves Staff Video

Watch how some of the staff in our schools like to express themselves when at home.

stormbreak LIVE - self-worth - 'sunrise'

Join Kate for a stormbreak, focusing on our self-worth through a Sunrise movement flow.

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