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Good Morning Everyone, 

Come and learn about dinosaurs.

Please watch the video first by clicking on the link below.

Dinosaur Facts

After watching, can you write some facts about dinosaurs including; 

What did they eat?

Are they herbivores, carnivores or omnivores?

How tall were they?

What did they look like?

Did they have wings or could they swim?

What was their habitat like?


First, you could draw your dinosaur landscape with some of your favourite dinosaurs and write some facts about what you have learnt.
Next, you could continue to research facts about dinosaurs in other ways, making notes as you read and learn.
I wonder if you can write some sentences of your own about the dinosaurs you have discovered.

Can you draw your favourite dinosaur and add labels including its body parts and simple features.

Next, can you make write the name of your dinosaur and write a list of facts below your dinosaur for example, what does it eat? Where does it live?

I wonder if you can organise your non-fiction writing by using a heading and subheadings e.g.

Food and diet


Special features



Today we would like you to write a character description. Mrs Jennings has drawn a Stegosaurus called Simon and thought carefully about some adjectives to describe him. Can you draw your own dinosaur character and write words to describe them. You could even write some sentences to help us learn all about them.

Dinosaur character description



We would like you to write some exclamation sentences about your dinosaur. Remember an exclamation sentence starts with 'how' or 'what'. See the examples below. 


Today we would like you to create a story map for your own dinosaur character. Please look at the example story map to help you.

Next you could begin to write your story using your own story map. Remember to use  a clear beginning, middle and ending. There are some story openers in the picture below to help you with the order.

I wonder if you can read your story to edit and improve your writing. Check that your sentences have capital letters, full stops and clever spelling. As you read, can you check that your writing makes sense?

Example Dinosaur story

Useful story openers

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