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Early Help

Susannah Hill - Headteacher of Federation & Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Andrea Williams - Deputy Headteacher of Federation & Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Sara Coulter - Deputy Headteacher  & Deputy Safeguarding Lead 

Katie Walker - Assistant Headteacher /Inclusion  & Deputy Safeguarding Lead 

Helen Henstridge - Pastoral Care TA

All members of staff are here to help and support at all times.


Early Help means offering support when a concern first emerges, rather than allowing the situation to escalate. Often those working in Universal services such as Health Visitors, Youth Workers or School and Early Years staff are best placed to notice the early signs that a family or young person might need some extra help.


Early Help is for all ages: unborn to 19 (not just under 5s!)

  • So that problems don’t arise in the first place (prevention).
  • So that problems are dealt with early (early intervention).
  • So that we support children, young people and families when they are more vulnerable and have more complex or longer -lasting needs at the earliest opportunity .


Please see the following pages on our website for more information regarding Early Help.

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