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Design and Technology is a practical and creative subject that allows children to think creatively whilst solving a problem presented in a real world context.

Children at Twin Sails learn to appreciate the journey of design, working through the aspect of learning skills, designing a product, developing their ideas, creating a final product and evaluating their work.

Year 2


In Year 2 the children were helping Santa by making new toys. The children explored different mechanisms and making concertinas. Then the children designed a purposeful, functional and appealing product based on a design brief.  They had to have a moving mechanism, it had to be made of suitable materials and be appealing to children. 

Year 1


In our 'Castles, Knights and Dragons' topic we looked at the skills of joining using a range of tools and materials. The children first looked at castles, thinking about the different features. Then they practised the skills of joining by making drawbridges and battlements. The children went on to design, make and evaluate their own castle thinking about what materials were most suited to make a strong and purposeful product.


In our 'Down in Mr McGregor's Garden' topic the children continued to develop their skill of joining through sewing. They first explored using Binca to weave the needle through material and then used felt to explore different thickness. After this, the children designed and made their own nocturnal animal scene, joining pieces of felt together using the skill of sewing. The children evaluated their product thinking about aspects they found easy, tricky and how they would improve it next time. 


Early Years


In Early Years they have explored making different hats. First the children looked at different types of hats and their uses. After the children had explored the hats, they designed their own hat, thinking about what material they would use. Then they made and evaluated their own hat. They thought about what they found easy and tricky afterwards.

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