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At Twin Sails, we love the opportunity to be creative and express our ideas through our art work. As part of our art curriculum we take the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and techniques in drawing, painting and sculpture. We also explore a wide variety of  famous artists, artworks and genres to inspire and catch our children's imagination. We enjoy taking the time to explore a wide range of media and materials and encourage the children to be resourceful and independent in their final pieces. 

Year 2 


In Year 2, the children have been exploring the colourful artworks of Andy Warhol. The children have looked at a wide range of the pop artists works and have developed their skills of colour mixing and creating repeated printed patterns to recreate his style. 


The children loved recreating Andy Warhol's famous 'Campbell's Soup' print. They each took a tiny piece of the tin to focus on and later put them back together to evaluate how accurately they have colour mixed. Look at the fantastic final pieces:

Year 1


In Year 1, the children have been exploring the 'Starry night' artist, Van Gogh. They have been developing their fine motor skills to recreate the swirls and dots of Van Gogh's style and have practised creating lighter and darker shades of colours. 



In Reception, the children have had the opportunity to explore a wide range of media and materials this year and have learnt how medias can be manipulated in different ways. The children are now focusing on learning new techniques such as collage and sketching. The children are learning how to create these different styles as well as learning new art specific vocabulary and developing their fine motor control in these activities. 



In Nursery, our youngest learners are also showing off their creativity and skill in their art work. The children have been exploring their environment and have been recreating their observations using natural materials. 



At Twin Sails, we are on a journey in developing our curriculum to ensure our children are equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to be successful young artists. Our team have been busy mapping out our art curriculum and have made a first draft of what it will look like next year. 

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