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Welcome to music       

This week we will be thinking about:

  • Listening to music and the emotions it can create.
  • Listening and thinking about tempo.
  • Learning a song using sign language.


All My Friends Are Insects - Weezer - Yo Gabba Gabba!

 Let's listen!


Whilst you are listening to this piece of music by Russian composer Rimski-Korsakov, think about the following questions.

  • What insect do you think he wrote this about? 
  • What is the tempo of this piece of music?
  • What instruments can you hear?


Don't peep - What insect is this music about? - Rimsky-Korsakov

Answers:                         it's a bumblebee            zzzzzz

Tempo is         s  


claranet, oboe, flute, violins, french horns

(most of the orchestra instruments)

   Let's listen again!

(you will need a piece of paper and a pencil)

Listen to the piece of music again. This time on some paper I'd like you to draw whatever the music inspires you to draw.

It could be the journey the bumblebee takes through a meadow or maybe it's just lots of twisty patterns.

What does it inspire you to draw? Have a go...

  Singing activity


This term we will be learning different songs using British Sign Language. Remember you can pause the video after each sign and go back as many times as you need to.


CBeebies: Hot Cross Buns - British Sign Language BSL

Now join in and sign along. 

Hot Cross Buns Rhyme by Shaan

How well do we remember the rainbow song from last week?

Let's have a go, follow the 'Rainbow Song' link and sign along.


Rainbow Song


If you need to remind yourselves of the signs follow the videos below.

Learn The Rainbow Song in British Sign Language #BSL with Aiysha

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