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23.06.21 30.06.21 Songs with Kevin

Welcome to music     

This week we will be thinking about:

  • Listening to music and understanding the emotions it can create.
  • Exploring songs we wrote with Kevin - The Music Man



 Listen and Appraise


What instruments do you hear?

How does this make you feel?

What is the tempo of this music? (fast or slow?)

What are the dynamics of this music?  (loud or soft)

What is the pitch of the music?  (high or low)

Did you like it?  (explain your reason why?)

(Remember you don't have to like the same type of music as your friend)

Prokofiev - Peter And The Wolf March

Singing Songs


Do you remember when Kevin came to visit us in the studio last week?


Let's practice the songs Kevin wrote for us.

The Grumpy Zookeeper

The Grumpy Zookeeper is a song for children about a set of animal characters who make life difficult for their long suffering warden.

Get Down on the Farm

Song and activities for school children as performed by the Mini BSO. Written and drawn by Kevin Morgan.

Let's practice our class songs.


Take a look at the songs we wrote with Kevin. 


Find your class name and ONLY practice your song.

Sharks cow

Song written with Sharks class

Whales tiger

Song written with Whales class

Seals elephant

Song written with Seals class

Dolphins giraffe

Song written with Dolphins class

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