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Welcome to music  

This week we will be thinking about:

  • Listening to music and the expressing how it makes us feel. - does it make us think about anything?
  • Finding the beat in a song.
  • recognising high sounds and low sounds.


 Listen and Appraise

What instruments do you hear?

How does this make you feel?

What is the tempo of this music?  (Is it fast or slow?)

Get Up Offa That Thing by John Powell

  Let's find the beat.



click        stomp       clap



Is there another way you could you find the beat?


Listen to The Monkee's 'I'm a believer' - can you find the beat?


I'm a Believer (2006 Remaster)

 Let's think about sound.


We all hear sound differently. Sometimes the sounds we hear can be really high and sometimes they can be very low. We call this pitch. We can use out hands to show if a pitch is high by raising one hand high in the air  We can also show if a sound is low by lowering our hand to our side 


Can you make a sound that is really low?


Can you make a sound that is really high?



 Let's play a game


1 person is 'The guesser' - stand with your back to the screen. Don’t peep! 

Slide the picture over three times - the creature on the screen is the one the rest of the class will describe -  (describe its size, the colour, whether it has a high or low pitch as well as anything else you can think of)


Remember DON’T give away which animal it is or it’s real sound.

'The guesser' - when guessing can always create the sound of the animal if you can't think of it's name.

Is it high or low?


Listen to the sounds on the video. Raise or lower your hands to identify if a sound has a high pitch or a low pitch.

High or Low Sounds

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